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Tomasz Derda, Tomasz Markiewicz & Ewa Wipszycka (eds.), Alexandria: Auditoria of Kom el-Dikka and Late Antique Education, Warsaw 2007

  • Hard cover
  • 345 pages
  • ca 50 color photographs
  • maps and plates
  • ISBN 978-83-918250-7-5

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Proceedings of a conference held in the Spring of 2005, presenting a complex of auditoria in the very centre of late antique Alexandria in its cultural and historical context. The volume includes plates, photographs and maps of the site.

Grzegorz Majcherek — The Late Roman Auditoria of Alexandria: an Archaeological Overview;
Jean-Luc Fournet — L’enseignement des belles-lettres dans l’Alexandrie antique tardive;
Rafaella Cribiore — Spaces for Teaching in Late Antiquity;
Delphine Renaut — The Influence of Alexandria on the Intellectual life of Gaza (5th–6th ad);
Konrad Vössing, Scholae et bibliothecae. Überlegungen zum Zusammenhang von Schulen und Bibliotheken im römischen Reich;
Christopher Haas, Kôm el-Dikka in Context: The Auditoria and the History of Late Antique Alexandria;
Elżbieta Szabat — Prosopography of Teachers in the Eastern Roman Empire (5th–7th century)