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Number Title Author(s) / Editor(s) Year ISBN
1 Euergesias charin. Studies Presented to Benedetto Bravo and Ewa Wipszycka by Their Disciples. T. Derda, J. Urbanik & M. Węcowski (eds.) 2002 83-918250-0-0
2 Catalogue des inscriptions grecques du Musée National de Varsovie. A. Łajtar & A. Twardecki 2003 83-918250-1-9
3 Sacra Via. Twenty Years After. A. Ziółkowski 2005 83-918250-2-7
4 Deir el-Bahari in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods. A Study of an Egyptian Temple Based on Greek Sources. A. Łajtar 2006 83-918250-3-5
5 Marriage: Ideal – Law – Practice. Proceedings of a

Conference Held in Memory of Henryk Kupiszewski in Warsaw on the 24th of April 2004.

Z. Służewska & J. Urbanik (eds.) 2005 83-918250-4-3
6 The Missing Link. Greek Pagan Historiography in the Second Half of the Third Century and in the Fourth Century (between Herodian and Eunapios of Sardes). P. Janiszewski 2006 83-918250-5-1
7 Arsinoites Nomos. Administration of the Fayum under Roman Rule. T. Derda 2006 83-918250-6-X


8 Alexandria: Auditoria of Kom el-Dikka and Late Antique Education. T. Derda, T. Markiewicz & E. Wipszycka (eds.) 2007 978-83-918250-7-5
9 Deir el-Naqlun: The Greek Papyri, volume II. T. Derda 2008 978-83-918250-8-2


10 Droit et justice dans le monde grec et hellénistique (papers edited and collected by Jakub Urbanik). J. Mélèze Modrzejewski 2011 978-83-918250-9-9
11 Moines et communautés monastiques en Égypte, IVe–VIIIe siècles E. Wipszycka 2009 978-83-925919-0-0
12 Late Egypt and Her Neighbours. Foreign Population in Egypt in the 1st Millennium BC. J. K. Winnicki 2009 83-925919-1-7
13 Qasr Ibrim. The Greek and Coptic Inscriptions Published on Behalf of the Egypt Exploration Society. A. Łajtar & J. van der Vliet   978-83-925919-2-4
14 P. Bodmer I Recto: A Land List from the Panopolite Nome in Upper Egypt (after AD 216/7). T. Derda   978-83-925919-3-1
15 Nubian Voices. Studies in Nubian Christian Civilization. A. Łajtar & J. van der Vliet (eds.) 2011 978-83-925919-4-8
16 Chronological Systems of Christian Nubia. G. Ochała 2011 978-83-925919-5-5
17 Tra logica e giurisprudenza. Argumentum a simili nei Topici di Cicerone. A. Kacprzak 2012 978-83-925919-6-2
18 A Rural Economy in Transition.
Asia Minor from Late Antiquity into the Early Middle Ages.
A. Izdebski 2013 978-83-9259198-6
19 Culpa. Facets of Liability in Ancient Legal Theory and Practice:
Proceedings of the Seminar Held in Warsaw 17-19 February 2011.
J. Urbanik (ed.) 2012 978-83-925919–7–9
20 The Rise of Nobadia. Social Changes in Northern Nubia in Late Antiquity. A. Obłuski 2013 978-83-925919-9-3
21 Loi et coutume dans l’Égypte grecque et romaine:
Les facteurs de formation du droit en Égypte d’Alexandre le Grand à la conquête arabe.
J. Mélèze Modrzejewski 2013 978-83-938425-0-6
22 The Bishop, the Eparch, and the King. Old Nubian Texts from Qasr Ibrim (P. QI 4). G. R. Ruffini 2014 978-83-938425-1-3
23 Wills in the Roman empire: a documentary approach. M. Nowak 2015 978-83-938425-2-0
24 Recht haben und Recht bekommen im Imperium Romanum. Das Gerichtswesender römischen Kaiserzeitund seine dokumentarische Evidenz. R. Haensch (ed.) in collaboration with F Hurlet, K. L. Link, S. Strassi & A. Teichgräber 2016 978–83–938425–3–7
25 The Alexandrian Church. People and Institutions. E. Wipszycka 2015 978-83-938425-4-4
26 Identity of the Diaspora. Jews in Asia Minor in the Imperial Period. K. Stebnicka 2015 978-83-938425-6-8
27 Nubian Voices II: New Texts and Studies on Christian Nubian Culture. A. Łajtar, G. Ochała, J. van der Vliet (eds.) 2015 978-83-938425-7-5
28 Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Papyrology, Warsaw 29.07—3.08 2013. T. Derda, A. Łajtar, J. Urbanik (eds.), in collaboration with A. Mirończuk & G. Ochała 2016 978-83-938425-8-2
29 Mater Familias, Scritti Romanistici per Maria Zabłocka. Z. Benincasa, J. Urbanik (eds.), in collaboration with P. Niczyporuk & M. Nowak 2016 978-83-938425-9-9
30 Fragments, Holes, and Wholes.
Reconstrucing the Ancient World in Theory and Practice.
T. Derda, J. Hilder, J. Kwapisz (eds.)   978–83–946848–0–8
31 ΟΙΝΟΣ: Production and Import of Wine in Graeco-Roman Egypt. D. Dzierzbicka 2018 978-83-946848-1-5
32 Empowering the Dead in Christian Nubia.
The Texts from a Medieval Funerary Complex in Dongola.
A. Łajtar, J. van der Vliet 2017 978-83-946848-2-2
33 The Second Gift of The Nile. Monks and Monasteries in Late Antique Egypt. E. Wipszycka 2018 978-83-946848-3-9
34 Inscribing the Saints in Late Antique Anatolia. P. Nowakowski 2018 978-83-946848-4-6
35 (Marea) T. Derda Forthcoming 978-83-946848-5-3
36 The Monasteries and Monks of Nubia. A. Obłuski   978-83-946848-6-0
37 Bastards in Egypt
Social and Legal Illegitimacy in the Roman Era.
M. Nowak Forthcoming 978-83-946848-7-7