JJP Supplement vol. 22

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Giovanni R. Ruffini, The Bishop, the Eparch, and the King. Old Nubian Texts from Qasr Ibrim (P. QI 4)

  • Hard cover
  • XIV + 367 pages
  • 69 b/w figures
  • indices
  • ISBN 978-83-938425-1-3


British excavations at Qasr Ibrim have yielded numerous written sources composed in Greek, Coptic, Old Nubian, and Arabic. However, only a small portion has been published so far, among them some sixty Old Nubian texts, both literary and documents, edited between 1988 and 1991 by Gerald Michael Browne. After the field stagnated for  twenty years, Ruffini took up the task initiated by Browne and produced an edition of sixty-two further Old Nubian texts, this time only documents. Documents included in this volume supplement Ruffini’s 2012 monograph (Medieval Nubia. A Social and Economic History) and provide illustration for his reconstruction of social and economic life of the Middle Nile Valley in the 12th–14th century.


Review from Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2015.04.28