JJP Supplement vol.2

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A. Łajtar & A. Twardecki, Catalogue des inscriptions grecques du Musée National de Varsovie, Warsaw 2003

  • Hard cover
  • 400 pages
  • 125 plates
  • ISBN 83-918250-1-9


Catalogue of Greek inscriptions preserved in the National Museum in Warsaw, in French. This is the first full publication of the largest collection of Greek epigraphic material in Poland, comprising 125 texts, predominatly of Hellenistic and Roman period. Almost every region of ancient world in which Greek inscriptions are found is represented: Thrace, Attica, Aegean Islands, Asia Minor, Syria & Palestine, Egypt & Nubia, Italy. Each entry consists of: lemma, transcription, translation, commentary, b/w plate. The history of the collection is discussed in the Introduction, there are also elaborate concordances & indices. The work should be of interest to epigraphists, archaeologist and historians.