JJP Supplement vol. 15

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A. Łajtar & J. van der Vliet (eds.) Nubian Voices. Studies in Nubian Christian Civilization

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  • XVI + 262 pages
  • 1 map, 45 figures
  • ISBN: 978-83-925919-4-8
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The book is a collection of articles dealing with various aspects of medieval Nubian literacy. It contains eleven articles by an international group of scholars, representing different areas of language studies (Greek and Latin epigraphy, Coptology, Old Nubian studies). The articles contain both editions of new textual finds and reconsiderations of well-known sources. The chronology of the texts discussed in the book spans a few hundred years of medieval Nubian history (from the 7th until the 15th century) and their topographical distribution covers a large part of the Middle Nile Valley (from Qasr Ibrim in the north to Banganarti in the south) and beyond (northern Kordofan). The typological variety of the sources, with epitaphs, sepulchral crosses, legal documents, visitors’ inscriptions, and dipinti on pottery, provides an insight into the richness of the Christian Nubian civilization.


  • Katarzyna Danys-Lasek & Adam Łajtar
    An amphora with a Greaco-Nubian inscription found at Dongola
  • Stefan Jakobielski & Jacques van der Vliet
    From Aswan to Dongola: The epitaph of Bishop Joseph (died AD 668)
  • Adam Łajtar (with appendix by Jacques van der Vliet)
    New finds of Greek epitaphs at Dongola
  • Adam Łajtar & Tomasz Płóciennik
    A man from Provence on the Middle Nile: A graffito in the upper church at Banganarti
  • Adam Łajtar & Giovanni R. Ruffini
    Qasr Ibrim’s last land sale, AD 1463 (EA 90225)
  • Adam Łajtar & Jacques van der Vliet
    A late Christian ostracon from Dongola
  • Adam Łajtar & Jacques van der Vliet
    CIG IV 8952 revisited (‘Gebel Maktub’, near Qasr Ibrim)
  • Grzegorz Ochała
    A king of Makuria in Kordofan
  • Alexandros Tsakos
    Sepulchral crosses from Nubia with the phôs-zôe acclamation
  • Jacques van der Vliet
    ‘What is man?’: The Nubian tradition of Coptic funerary inscriptions
  • Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei
    The Old Nubian memorial for King George