Table of contents:

Joshua Allbright
The rhetoric of aikia in petitions from Roman Egypt

Grażyna Ba ̨kowska & Adam Łajtar
ΜΕΓΑ ΤΟ ΟΝΟΜΑ ΤΟΥ ΣΑΡΑΠΙΣ: An inscribed bronze ring from Marina el-Alamein

Lucia C. Colella
Riedizione del verbale di apertura di testamento latino conservato in P. Berol. inv. 7124 = ChLAX 412

Federica Nicolardi
Vocabulary and practices of manumission in a fragment of the Life of Philonides (P. Herc. 1044)

Joanna Wegner
Monks and monasteries in Egypt between household and estate. A case study from Bawit

Ewa Wipszycka
What can the lives of saints tell us about history? The case of the Coptic Life of Aaron

Marzena Wojtczak
How to become a monastic superior? Legal and mundane sine qua nons

Uri Yiftach
Olim tradita fuerunt? On the obsoleteness of the sollemnia verba in Inst. 3.15pr.