Table of contents:
Antonia Apostolakou
The interrelationship between scriptal and linguistic variation in notary signatures of Greek contracts from Late Antique Egypt

Amin Benaissa
P. Oxy. LXXVII 5123 and the economic relations between the Apion estate and its coloni adscripticii

Willy Clarysse & Christelle Fischer-Bovet
Greek papyri of the Classics Department at Stanford (P. Stan. Class.) – Part II

Jean-Luc Fournet
Trois nouveaux reçus d’annone civile transportée par le monastère de la Métanoia (Égypte, VIe siècle)

Edward M. Harris
Legal expertise and legal experts in Athenian democracy

Giulio Iovine & Ornella Salati
Die Geschäfte des Herrn Julius Caesar. A survey of the first century BC – third century AD Latin and Latin-Greek documents referring to Roman citizens and their business in Egypt

Andrea Jördens
Die Priester und der Textillieferant. SPP XXII 95 und die Ermittlungen zu einem ungeklärten Todesfall im Hinterland

Adam Łajtar
I. Deir el-Bahari 196 (partly) supplemented

Adam Łukaszewicz
Mark Antony and the date of the Inimitables. A remark on an edited text

Grzegorz Ochała
Nubica onomastica miscellanea V: Reedition of two Old Nubian lists of names from Qasr Ibrim

Joanna Wilimowska
Sacred animal cult workers in the Ptolemaic Fayum

Ewa Wipszycka
The place of work in the life of East Mediterranean Monks in Late Antiquity: Ideals and reality